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Hearing Loops for Businesses

Why your Business needs a Hearing Loop

Recent research indicates that more than 20 percent of the U.S. population, or 1 in 5 people currently has some form of hearing loss. With these figures set to rise, accessibility for individuals with hearing loss is a pressing concern for all businesses. Hearing loops offer a versatile, cost effective and user friendly means of improving access for hearing aid users and are compliant with the recently revised Americans with disabilities Act requiring public facilities to provide assertive listening systems to individuals with hearing loss. Unlike infra-red or FM systems, Hearing Loops enable discrete personalized usage without the need for separate headsets and their associated maintenance costs, hygiene, and reliability issues.

Versital and Scalable

Hearing Loop technology enables the loop to be deployed equally and effectively in large and small areas. Hearing Loops are widely used in many European countries where they can be found in a diverse range of settings including

  • Taxi cabs, buses and trams
  • Conference rooms and meeting rooms
  • Schools and auditoriums
  • Bank and store counters, reception desks and drive up windows
  • Movie theaters, concert halls and performance venues
  • Art galleries, Museums and libraries
  • Court rooms and civic buildings
  • Transport hubs such as airports, bus, subway and rail stations
  • Gyms, sports centers and stadiums

In settings where a permanent hearing loop installation is not required, products such as portable desk loops and clipboard loops offer convenience and versatility.

How Hearing Now USA Can Help

Hearing Now USA’s team of experts can assess any venue and recommend a solution for the installation of a Hearing Loop or provide for a listening system. We offer free demonstrations of a Hearing Loop at your place of business.

For more information or to arrange for a demonstration call us at 855.LOOP.NOW (855.566.7669) or email us at: info@HearingNowUSA.com